(June 24, 2022)

(Westminster—CA) Today, I am honored to announce my candidacy for Mayor of the City of Westminster.  With a strong voter mandate to retain the right of Westminster voters to directly elect their own mayor in this past June 7th Primary, which I support, my continuing commitment to all the residents of this great city will be one of full transparency and accountability at City Hall.

I am honored to represent the City of Westminster, my beautiful hometown.  As your councilmember, I have worked hard for the best interest of ALL Westminster residents.  My family and I own a small printing and real estate business in the city for many years and I have participated in countless charitable and civic activities in Westminster, helping kids and their families to lead better, safer and healthier lives.

I have stood up and fought for our community my entire adult life — from my days as a university student, business professional in Westminster, a community activist, to my time on the Westminster City Council.  Year after year, the more things changed – the need to stand steadfastly with your fellow residents and neighbors remains the same.

I often hear from business owners and residents alike that City Hall often makes it harder to do business in Westminster.  Fees are too high.  Regulations are overly burdensome.  And the government bureaucracy too often views the public it supposedly serves as adversaries, and not as the potential human resource that contributes to the economy of the city.

I understand your concern on how difficult it is to run a profitable business with the burden of high fees, an unresponsive bureaucracy and unnecessary regulations.  I will continue to work with city staff to correct these issues.  Here are my goals for our city in the next four years as your mayor:

  • Balance Westminster’s annual budget with a healthy surplus
  • Maintain low municipal taxes and fees
  • Renovate and expand city parks for all Westminster residents
  • Promote family and small businesses to build a robust revenue base
  • Deliver more public safety resources to better serve and protect all residents
  • Commit to full transparency and accountability to Westminster residents while reducing red-tape at City Hall
  • Provide funding for road and street improvements to relieve traffic congestion
  • Create a favorable business environment to attract more investment and consumption, which increases city revenues for the benefit of the city

As Mayor, I will continue to work hard for the best interest of ALL Westminster residents and maintain the pride of our city as an “All-America City”.

In addition to the residents of Westminster, I want to thank my family, particularly my wife, Jacqueline, for her love and unwavering support, along with numerous friends and volunteers, who have been with me throughout my public service journey.

I am also grateful for the invaluable counsel of my advisors, community leaders, fellow elected colleagues, and numerous organizations that have been behind me throughout these years.  They were on the front-line along my side, fighting the good fight.  Ultimately, this campaign will prove that it is not only a win for Chi Charlie Nguyen, nor a win for any one individual, but promises to be a collective victory for all the residents of Westminster.

I ask that you join me in our campaign.  Together, we can move Westminster forward while instilling a real sense of pride and optimism in all of our residents.  Thank you for your support.


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